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arcade elements were fun

a wonderful and charming game!! My interest in the game is what got me to read the webtoon in the first place. I wish i could've finished it but my dumb page refreshed and the game doesnt have a save button >:((((. so yeah, thats my only real criticism, that and the fact that you cant adjust the sound in game. But overall, i found it a fun and cute game. The cute artwork really fits with the story, and i enjoyed the premise, more magical girls should fight against animal cruelty and experimentation <3

Really cute game. I adore the art style and the story is pretty charming. The challenge for the mini games mostly derived from reflex and pattern recognition, not too terribly tough, pretty accessible for an average person. The last mini game, I cheesed by staying in 1 spot and just pressing space bar to the right character. Overall, it is a really cute and condensed package.

WOWOWOWOW!!! This game is so cute and amazing!! It makes me wanna cosplay torangi TwT